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Salt Therapy - Session card

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SPORTS PERFORMANCE AND RECOVERY ... this treatment may help to increase lung capacity by reducing inflammation thereby increasing insurance and recovery.

SKIN TREATMENTS ... the wonderful healing properties of salt can help our largest organ with sodium chloride having natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties the redness and irritation of your skin may be reduced.

STRESS REDUCTION ... inhalation of air that is negatively charged, may benefit our sense of relaxation resting in our massage chairs for 45 minutes helps to increase lymphatic flow and focusing on your breath may help to reset your vagus nerve.

SLEEP IMPROVEMENT.. by reducing inflammation in the airways, the flow of oxygen is improved which may facilitate a better night's sleep for those suffering with congested nasal passages or recovering from sinus, cold or viral infections. We suggest a minimum of three sessions per week to see an improvement, your benefits may also be improved if you are suffering from a chronic health condition with an initial Wellness consultation with one of our experienced Naturopaths. 


Salt room etiquette

  • Late arrivals will not be permitted once the session has started
  • The salt room is a quiet zone  (unless you have a private group booking)
  • NO fluids are to be taken into the room
  • Head phones or ear buds must be used if using a music device and volume at an appropriate level not to disturb other paying clients
  • Phones must be turned off or on flight mode


Valid for 1 year

Not redeemable for cash, non-refundable