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Ionic Foot Cleanse

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Our clinic uses ionic foot cleanse therapy to support you during your detox program, whether from a heavy metal load (check your levels by doing a hair mineral analysis test here) recovering from an illness or exposure to chemicals either through pharmaceutical prescriptions, food, water or personal care/household products.

Testing can be done to determine your chemical load so you can track your progress.
The cleanse system works by utilising an array that puts an electrical charge in your foot spa water to open ion channels in cells these respond to charged particles, such as hydrogen ions that enter these channels, helping to expel stored toxins, allowing nutrients to enter more freely.

We also use infar red sauna therapy as well as other treatments, to help take the load off your kidneys and liver to help prevent damage to these organs during your detoxification program.

A 2008 study by the Centre for Research Strategies  ( looked at 31 people who used ionic foot spa detox method 2x weekly for 3 months without the support of any other method. 

Initially, the researchers measured levels of aluminium & arsenic in their blood  and by the end of the study the average aluminium level in the participants' blood dropped by nearly half (46%) from 79.8 ppb to 43.1 ppb and arsenic from 4.6 ppb to 3.5 ppb