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Detox Box (Infrared Sauna) - Session card

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Our Naturopaths may have recommended you use far infrared therapy up to 3 times a week as part of your detoxification and healing program

 as we are all exposed to hundreds of toxic elements on a daily basis, many of these can actually be stored in our fat and  these toxins can cause cellular and DNA damage, disrupt the nervous system and increase your risk of dementia,  disrupt your endocrine system causing altered metabolism and obesity....toxins have been proven to be excreted in your sweat even when the levels are undetectable in the blood

Many studies show increased cardiovascular benefits when using the sauna seeing a decrease in  pain and inflammation,  improved fitness due to increased tissue healing and overall longevity

You will notice your skin quality will improve due to increased microcirculation promoting wound healing and heat therapy using far infrared has shown to boost the immune system and increase our resistance to infections, studies show users have up to 44% reduced risk of pneumonia when using far infrared therapy to recover from a virus.

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